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Passion for Fashion

Passion For Fashion
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Hey you fashion enthusiasts!!! My name is Liz...my user name on LJ is jemappelleliz and I created this community. This is my new community for everything fashion. I myself have dreams of being a big fashion designer one day. Post about your experiences with fashion, any designs you've made, pictures of your creations---just about anything as long as it's related to fashion! so go nuts!

some basic rules to keep in mind:

~please post about fahsion related topics. after all, this is a fashion community

~please do not sell your items, promote ebay items, etc. I find this very annoying and I'm sure that other people feel this way also.

~if you are posting a picture try to make it small...if it isn't a small pic or you want to post multiple pictures, then please put it behind a cut. it makes it less tacky

~be respectful of others in this community---dont cause any drama.

~please do NOT promote communities unless OKed first by the mod.

~most importantly---HAVE FUN!